Mama with a migraine

I don’t get migraines as often as I did when I was a teenager. Actually I rarely get them anymore, but apparently my migraine-free streak ended. I can handle dull aches and minor headaches. I’ll pop a couple Aleve or something and continue on until I realize oh hey, my head doesn’t hurt anymore. Nope, not this time, and I took medicine that should have knocked me out.

It started at work. I could feel a slight pressure in my sinuses and my eyes. At first I thought, oh, crap, I’m getting a cold or a sinus infection, or God forbid whatever viral infection that has been plaguing my community. But then it became less flu-like and more oh-sweet-Jesus-my-head-is-pounding-and-who-the-hell-turned-the-sun-up? Then the nausea hit. I wasn’t even nauseous when I was pregnant with my son unless I tried drinking coffee or eating meat. This was like full on morning sickness feeling (or what my friends have described it being like).

This is my week with Xander so I couldn’t just go home and lay down to sleep it off. Nope, I had a toddler who wanted to play, laugh, yell, scream, jump, run, etc. Now, I would never trade my time with him just because I have a migraine. And it wasn’t full blown yet so I managed to play and laugh (quietly) with him until it was bed time. I had hoped it would be an easy cuddle and go to sleep-and sleep through the night- kind of night. Nope. It was an I’m-sick-too-mommy night. I don’t think he was pretending. He really had a cough and seemed like he didn’t feel good. I put some allergy medicine in his Sippy (he won’t take it out of a dropper anymore) and we lay down. He proceeded to wake me at 11:30, 12:30, 2:00, 5:30, and 7:00. Finally at 7:00 he went in search of Nana and left me in bed to sleep until 9:00 when he decided it was time for mommy to get up so we could shower.

Meanwhile my head is still pounding. I had hoped to sleep it off, but no such luck. After the shower we cuddled on the couch -me with coffee, him with juice- and we watched some TV while I hid my face from the very bright windows. Around nap time we all just lay on the couch and dozed off. Xander woke me around 3:00, but was content to play with Nana in his room. Finally my grandmother woke me around 5:00 because she knew I wouldn’t sleep tonight if I slept any longer. No lie, it’s been a huge blessing having my grandmother stay with me. Originally it was to help her because her house didn’t have any heat, but it’s been really beneficial to me too.

I got up, made dinner, ate for the first time in 30 hours, and prayed for my food to stay down. There were a few close calls, but I managed to keep the contents of my stomach actually in my stomach which was nice. Xander decided he wanted to sleep with Nana tonight so my bed is baby free at the moment. Unless he decides in the middle of the night that he wants Mama then I should be able to sleep through the night and hopefully kick this. It is incredibly rare for me to miss church, but at this rate I don’t think it’s going to happen tomorrow. I hate migraines. They just suck the life out of you.

Mama with a migraine is no good, but I still think I have the most amazing little boy on the planet.


About Christina

Hi! My name is Christina. I'm a mom to an amazing little boy and a sweet little girl, Wife, Christian, writer, avid reader, and Librarian. I'm very passionate about life and I hope that my posts may help someone out there who needs a little pick me up or some reassurance.
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