302.2 Communication, Failures and Disruptions

So now and then a miscommunication of epic proportions occurs. Sometimes it is hilarious, and sometimes not. I have a hilarious one to share with you all.

Librarians get a lot of questions on a daily basis. We recently lost over 600 jobs in the community because Fruit of the Loom closed and moved overseas. Patrons often come in looking for job leads and I’m more than happy to share any I have with them. Occasionally if they’ve given me their contact information I will text them. The following conversation occurred via text:

Me: His name is D*****, his number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. He doesn’t text, but he has some flooring work to do.

Patron: U looked hot today girl just sayin

Me: Ha, thanks?

Patron: U got a man yet

Me: Do I need one? ((It’s at this point I probably should have just stopped texting.))

Patron: Y no lol i like to get out wit u

((I was trying to figure out what he meant))

Patron: I didnt mean that in a bad way.

Me: I didn’t think you did.

Patron: U wanna get me naked dont u haha

Me: ……

Patron: Wats that mean?

Me: I don’t want to get you naked.

–End text conversation–

Because me helping you find a job lead automatically means I want to rip your clothes off. Ariana and I have enjoyed several laughs over this, and when I told my director she cracked up. Maybe I’ll just start posting job leads on the community board instead…it may be safer that way.

About Christina

Hi! My name is Christina. I'm a mom to an amazing little boy and a sweet little girl, Wife, Christian, writer, avid reader, and Librarian. I'm very passionate about life and I hope that my posts may help someone out there who needs a little pick me up or some reassurance.
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5 Responses to 302.2 Communication, Failures and Disruptions

  1. lovessiamese says:

    Every divorced woman I have ever known has had to put up with men who think the biggest thing a divorced/separated woman misses is sex. Unfortunately, our tv shows seem to perpetuate the idea. Any guys out there ever heard of friendship w/out benefits? Glad you decided to stop texting job possibilities.

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    • This happens so much more than I care to admit, and it’s not just people I try to help. I asked a male friend of mine to grab some coffee one afternoon and he took it the wrong way. It breaks my heart that people automatically assume ulterior motives.

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      • lovessiamese says:

        Me too. Our society so promotes promiscuity that it seems most people think they have to jump into bed right after they meet, whether it’s for a cup of coffee or lunch, or dinner, or a movie. Heaven forbid you should ask a guy (married or otherwise) for help with something (like directions if you’re lost and they offer a ride when you’re walking). They (most of them, but not all), expect payment in the form of something other than money.

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