Birthdays have always been weird for me. I can probably count on one hand the actual “happy” birthdays I’ve had. Seriously, when I compare the current birthday to my 10th, all I can say usually is well, at least no one tried to kill me this time. I’m always hopeful that it will be wonderful, but since I’m the party planner, cook, baker, and shopper in the family I’m usually the one doing all of it for myself, which is weird as well. Who plans their own birthday? I don’t, ha. I did make dinner, which was delicious, and I made a cheesecake. This was also delicious.

However, I can be a bit superstitious about things. For example:

My daughter’s first birthday (with me) she turned three. It was pretty good. We had a Littlest Pet Shop birthday theme. We made sandwiches, my mother-in-law and I baked a cake and decorated it with handmade fondant littlest pet shop critters, and we had tons of fun. Her 4th birthday only two of her friends came (they were sisters), and I had just squeezed every penny out of my account to make sure she had a good birthday. I had just started working at an Amazon fulfillment center, which was our only income at the time. And no one told us they weren’t coming until thirty minutes before her party started, which was also the time I got off work. Who were the guests? My in-laws. Out of 4 kids and 5 adults not a single one came. She had a good time regardless which was nice. The worst was her fifth birthday, which if you’ve followed my blog since it started almost a year ago, you would know was about the time my husband and I initially separated. The party I had planned for her had to be cancelled and I never even got to see her.

As for my son he’s had pretty good birthdays so far.

Well my daughter’s birthday is coming up and I ( and the hubby) honestly have no idea what to do. I have the worst luck with birthdays. I want to throw a party and invite her friends, but I don’t want to rent a little party spot just to have no one show, but I don’t want to not throw her a party and her wonder why she didn’t get a party. All her friends live in the next town over, so until we can find a home closer to where we want to be it’s difficult for people to drive the 40 minutes to our house. Especially with summer plans and vacations and all that.

And what do I get her??? She asks for the most random things that are just not going to happen. Mainly those cheap toy infomercials for weird stuffed animals that connect to smart phones, or the unpopable bubble that you have to wear a special glove for, and all of them are As Seen on TV, or whatever. Ugh.

I do know she’s been asking for some jewelry, so I will probably buy her a couple necklaces. The only problem with that is she is so rough with them. Almost all of them are broken. Another reason I don’t like to get toys is because they grow out of them so quickly. And then I just have totes and totes of toys.

Parenting is so difficult sometimes. Tell me about some of your birthday experiences! (AKA: Share some ideas!)

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Hey readers. I hope you are well! I know it’s been a while since my last post. There are plenty of posts that I want to get out and share with you all, but I’ve been a bit under the weather. I wish I could find the gif that would summarize who I feel right now. It would be so much easier. Basically:

Me well = world domination

Me sick (especially when throwing up) = Leave me here to die


Went to the doctor today (after getting sent home from work, boo!) where they ruled out strep throat, pregnancy, and actual dying. Instead when she pushed on my gallbladder I nearly jumped off the table. The gallbladder is one of those organs I never give a second thought to. Like the appendix or the pancreas. I also hope those are the right spelling/variations of those words. And I’m too tired to actually Google their correct forms, but you know what I mean.

I’m hoping it’s not my gallbladder, because I really don’t feel like having surgery right now. I have way too much to do. For starters my birthday is in a few days, I’d like to actually enjoy the day, not spend it puking in bed. My daughter’s birthday is at the end of the month and I really need to get to planning her party. (Post on that later). It’s Summer Reading at the Library -one of my FAVORITE times there- and I already missed day one. Ugh. And a bunch of other things. I’m actually falling asleep as I write this so I’m trying to finish up my brief update.

Basically I hate being sick. I don’t get sick often, but when I do it really knocks me out. I miss my kids, and spending time with them. When I’m sick all we can do is cuddle and watch cartoons, which only keep a toddler’s attention for so long. Thankfully I have a lovely husband who is helping care for me, and a darling best friend who is also caring for me and the kiddos while I’m trying to recover from this hell.

Say a prayer for me friends if you will. I’m going to sleep in the hopes I will make it to work tomorrow!


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Buying your first house is both exciting and nerve wracking. Home loans, approval, paper work, and the seemingly endless search can all be daunting, but is totally manageable. Today we went house hunting. Roger, me, and Xander (Emmah was with J) met Ariana and her mom to look at a few potential houses. Ariana’s mom is a seasoned home buyer so I really wanted her input on the houses and the questions we needed to ask.

The first house was beautiful 3 bed 2 bath, but there was a den that could easily be a fourth bedroom.  The only downside was there was little yard. Yes the backyard was fenced in, and we could have a small (really small) garden, but there would be no room to expand. And it was in a really quite neighborhood. We’re not loud people, but at the same time my husband likes to shoot occasionally. There was also a small leak in the basement which was concerning.

The second house was fabulous! It was in the location we wanted, and had ample space for kids to play and whatever sized garden we wanted. It was a 3-4 bedroom, 1 and a half baths, and a full basement. The only downside, it was downwind from a dairy farm so occasionally there is a “fresh country air” smell – ha. Country air doesn’t bother me, but I can hear Emmah now. “Mommy it’s stinky.”

The third and fourth houses were busts. I liked the yard with house three (it had a small apple orchard), but that’s about it.

The last house we looked at was a large farm house. Wood floors, three levels, big yard, pretty wood work, but it needed some work. The kitchen had been gutted, the upstairs bathroom didn’t have a tub, the windows needed to be replaced, and the roof needed a little repair. That one was a for-sale-by-owner. We had talked to her before. That house would be absolutely wonderful, if we had an extra $30K laying around for renovations and 72 more hours in a week.

The entire house hunting experience had been wonderful…until we got there. She was nice the first time we had met her, eager to sell but not over pushy.  This was not like that time. I’m sure she thought, as first time buyers, that it would be an easy sell. While it was priced to sell, it wouldn’t do anyone any good unless they had the reno budget. Once she realized we weren’t going to be buying she tried to convince us to buy any way she could. She was so pushy it was rude and she challenged everything Ariana’s mom said or asked.

After talking in circles for far too long I couldn’t stand it anyone. I put my foot down and said we didn’t want it. We left after that, laughing about how pushy she was, but we didn’t let her get us down. We’re going to keep looking, maybe make an offer on house two, but house hunting is kind of fun.


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I’m not adverse to change. In fact I consider myself to be highly adaptable. Most of the time you can’t change a situation, but you can adapt to it.

Recently I have come across an opportunity to enter a writing contest, and I really feel drawn to write something to enter. The only catch is the contest calls for suspenseful/paranormal short fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. While I write all three types I don’t normally write suspense, thriller, or anything about ghosts. I can, just don’t normally.

What’s funny is there has been on increase of paranormal fiction coming across my path recently. Articles, blogs, even some poetry has popped up on my newsfeed, timeline, and email. It’s been inspirational honestly. I’ve wanted to branch out and here is my chance. Whether I win or not isn’t really a huge concern, though that would be nice. I want to write.

I’m going to do it. I’m going to take a deep breath and try something new.

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Part of being a librarian means I get to research books and have access to books I couldn’t normally afford to buy on my own. Instead I get to borrow them from the library. If you are a book lover and don’t have a library card then you’re not doing it right. There are a few books on my radar right now that I can’t wait to read.

I Wrote This for You by Pleasefindthis

Beautiful Chaos by Robert M. Drake

The Lover’s Dictionary: A Novel by David Leviathan

All the Words Are Yours: Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson

The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan

The Anatomy of Being by Shinji Moon

Writing Down the Bare Bones by Natalie Goldberg

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey

Home by Clementine Von Radics

and so many others. Now if only I could find time to read all these.


What are you reading that you think I should add to my list?

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