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Advent Joy

This past Sunday at church my pastor talked about joy. While I usually take something out of his sermons, this one really spoke to my heart. It is so easy to lose sight of joy, especially when you have daily … Continue reading

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Well, I am simply exhausted. I promised I would post in a few days after I got some rest. It’s been a few days, but I still don’t feel rested haha. I have some sort of sinus/chest congestion that is … Continue reading

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Hi readers! It has been a while since I posted, but I have the most excellent news. This week has been absolute hell. I’ve been dragging myself through finals week. I completed a 20 page thesis, a 4 page paper, a … Continue reading

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This evening after I returned home from work I was sitting beside my son on the couch, playing with something on my phone, while he sat and watched cartoons before dinner. I looked up for a moment to check to … Continue reading

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Today is a special day, but not only because it is Thanksgiving. (Happy Thanksgiving by the way readers!) No, this day is also special because at 10:16 AM two years ago my son was born. He was three weeks early. … Continue reading

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