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I know libraries are still well used. Hence why I have a job as a Librarian (which I love). And I also love interacting with the majority of my patrons. Occasionally we have the squirrely one who comes in and … Continue reading

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There is always a time where we are completely mortified, but whatever the event is, it’s hilarious. As in the, I’m 100 different shades of red embarrassed, never want to be seen again, laughing hysterically. Okay, what am I talking … Continue reading

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You may have noticed the picture that changes occasionally on the right towards the bottom of the page. That’s my instagram. I don’t always use it, but when I do it’s usually for the things I bake. I believe my … Continue reading

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Everybody has an opinion

Everyone seems to have an opinion they love to share. That’s fine. What’s not fine is shoving it down someone’s throat. Many times I have asked for peoples opinions on something. Clothes, dating, friends, mommy advice, church advice, etc. I … Continue reading

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